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You can contact me via email, or keep up with me via Twitter @elliemarney or on Facebook.  I can be contacted for speaking engagements at elliemarney[at]gmail[dot]com or via Booked Out.

My postal address is:
C/o Guildford PO
Guildford, Victoria 3451

Media image (hi-res) and details are available here.

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My Agent:

Josh Adams at Adams Literary

My Publishers:

Allen & Unwin (Australia)
PO Box 8500
St Leonards NSW 1590

Tundra Books (Canada)
1 Toronto Street, Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2V6

Little Brown Books for Younger Readers
Hachette Book Group
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104


Allen & Unwin

LBYR (Siena Koncsol)

Tundra Books (Pamela Osti)