#LoveOzYAbookclub – November 2017 discussion post: WRECK

//#LoveOzYAbookclub – November 2017 discussion post: WRECK

#LoveOzYAbookclub – November 2017 discussion post: WRECK

I am feeling very victorious, as I have finished writing a book – booyah – so I’m definitely in the mood to hear your reviews of a story that starts out being about a girl who wants to report only ‘good news’  and then becomes a thrill ride action adventure, where you hope for Tamara’s victory all the way through…

A number of people have commented to me that WRECK is their favourite Ferris book, and by far the most suspenseful. We’ve mentioned this month, that Fleur Ferris has had previous careers as both a police officer and a paramedic, and I was wondering if anybody else in bookclub had an opinion on whether an author’s day job (or former day job) has an impact on the stories they create. What do you reckon?

I’m also keen to hear some more thoughts on screen adaptations of Australian books, and why they don’t seem to be happening.

I would have thought that there are a number of truly excellent Australian books – and I’m definitely putting Fleur Ferris’s books in that category – that could be potentially adapted for screens big or small. So why aren’t we making them? WRECK, for instance, has action aplenty, a great hook, casting potential for young up-and-coming Aussie actors, and – always a key factor – would seem to be fairly production-budget-friendly. Yet here we are, with our media networks in the doldrums, and much sadness about how local audiences are turning off their local screens and switching to Netflix…

Anyway, don’t get me started! What do you think?

I enjoyed WRECK, and I hope you did too. The feature I loved the most is the way the themes resonated – the idea of ‘reported truth’ being malleable, that truth is something vital, and more powerful than deceit… This all feels very relevant at the moment, and it’s amazing how some authors can take an idea and then somehow tap into the cultural zeitgeist to find a thread that everyone can relate to.

Another thing I noticed: there was a more heavy-duty mystery in WRECK, as Tamara and Zel are a bit older than your standard high school protagonists. The blending of the dual POVs, as we race for the finish line, worked fairly seamlessly. Dual POV is a feature of a lot of NA writing, allowing the reader a peek into the heads of both love interests, so I was interested to see this employed in WRECK as a way to slowly uncover aspects of the mystery from two different perspectives (and timezones).

Please give us your opinion of this month’s read! You can comment here on the blog, add a comment on the discussion thread at #LoveOzYAbookclub on Facebook, or even give a 1-5 Star rating if you’re time poor.

After this week, I’ll be announcing the book that will take us into the New Year of 2018, so stay tuned to #LoveOzYAbookclub and hang onto your butts 🙂


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