#LoveOzYAbookclub – November 2017 title announcement: WRECK

//#LoveOzYAbookclub – November 2017 title announcement: WRECK

#LoveOzYAbookclub – November 2017 title announcement: WRECK

We’re reaching the pointy end of the year now, when everything seems to speed up and you realise you haven’t even thought about Christmas gift shopping, or what’s happening when the summer holidays start (it’s coming into summer here, if you’re from someplace Not Australia). This is when my list of Things To Do begins to get excessively long and detailed, and chores pile up…

Thank goodness I can still retreat to a good book.

WRECK is Fleur Ferris’s third book – her debut title RISK was one of the hottest things on the OzYA school library circuit and made background-scenery guest appearances on Home & Away, and her second book BLACK garnered international attention too. Fleur lives on a farm in the Mallee area, and writes around the requirements of farming and householding, which makes me admire her even more, plus she’s got some amazing history: she used to be a police officer and a paramedic, so she really knows her stuff.

WRECK is about a girl who decides to be that elusive thing: a journalist who only writes good news. At the end of her high school years, Tamara Bennett is all primed to quit her small town and enjoy the delights of O-Week (university orientation week) with her mate Relle. But then Tamara gets caught up in a five year-old mystery, which sees her running for her life…

As a former cop, Fleur is well-placed to write a crime thriller, and I think you’ll find that WRECK doesn’t disappoint. The action is strong in this one, ObiWan, and Tamara is a bit of an older protagonist, so things get very stressful very early on. The dual POV is going to keep you guessing – which side of the story do you want to believe? – and there’s plenty of authentic detail to bind the story.

You can find WRECK at Boomerang Books, and if you use the ‘loveoz’ code you’ll get free delivery. Join the conversation about the book here in comments, or on the #LoveOzYAbookclub Facebook page. I’ll let you know later in the month when will Fleur drop around to tell us more about WRECK, and her writing life.

This is our second-to-last book for the year; we usually have one more book in December that rolls over into discussion in late January. I hope you’re all revved up for the year’s finale, and I hope you enjoy WRECK!


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