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#LoveOZYAbookclub September 2020 author interview – ALICIA JACINSKA (The Dark Tide)

September 23rd, 2020|0 Comments

Hello! Welcome to our Author Interview with ALICIA JACINSKA, author of this month’s title The Dark Tide. Read on to find out some of the inspirations and ideas for this great new LoveOzYA debut…

Where did you get the idea for “The Dark Tide”?

I was inspired by so many things! But I got the first sort of spark when I was watching Wicked. I really love the dynamic between the two girls in the musical and I wanted to write my own dark fairy-tale fantasy with witches, but […]

#LoveOzYAbookclub September 2020 title announcement – THE DARK TIDE (Alicia Jasinka)

August 28th, 2020|0 Comments

Hello to everyone, and welcome to Spring! We are so excited to announce our September 2020 title for #LoveOZYAbookclub will be THE DARK TIDE by Alicia Jasinka.

The Wicked Deep meets A Curse So Dark and Lonely in this gripping, dark fairy-tale fantasy about two girls who must choose between saving themselves, each other, or their sinking island city.

Every year on St. Walpurga’s Eve, Caldella’s Witch Queen lures a boy back to her palace. An innocent life to be sacrificed on the full moon to keep the island city from sinking.